I use technology to empower language and preserve ´╗┐culture

My work consists of several projects to create digital documentation of vulnerable cultural practices including performing arts, musical traditions, lesser known monuments, neglected languages and palm leaf manuscripts. I call this Project Pothi. This makes cultural history more accessible, understandable and preserves it for the future.

Apart from that, I research and write about Odisha’s ancient culture on the lines of mythology, visual & performing arts and ethnomusicology. The core of my work is to elevate the power of digital mediums like YouTube & Twitter and through them make people aware of and encourage more discussion around endangered traditions. This thorough documentation backed by research makes information more accessible, approachable and understandable. I strongly believe a good online presence of our cultural nuances is inevitable in today’s age, and all of us must work together towards this.

You can reach me at pattaprateek@gmail.com.