The Odissi Project

Documenting the music of Odisha

As someone who researches into and sings Odisha's traditional music, it has been a long standing dream to document various snippets from our musical streams. The detailed structure of these numerous branches is so complex and elaborate that it would be too extensive for most people. Hence, I will be joining pieces bit-by-bit from whatever I am able to collect from my explorations. I hope these string together into a harmonious idea in the long run.

Chandramani Lenka

Sri Chandramani Lenka is a veteran Odissi musician. His voice has a distinct touch of Puri and his training was mostly under Singhari Shyamasundar Kar and Balakrushna Dash.

Recorded in September 2017
Poor quality but documentation nonetheless; this is because it was one of my first attempts at documentation, and that too without any specialised equipment.