The Odissi Project

Documenting the traditional music of Odisha

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Odisha's traditional music consists of both classical and folk streams enriched by thousands of ancient songs. From my own research of the subject as a vocalist, this is my attempt to provide a single portal that collates never-before available lyrics, rare literary genres, lost tunes, gramophone recordings, interviews and other archival data to provide a holistic view of this ancient school of music.

Chandramani Lenka

Sri Chandramani Lenka is a veteran Odissi musician. His voice has a distinct touch of Puri and his training was mostly under Singhari Shyamasundar Kar and Balakrushna Dash.

Recorded in September 2017
Not too high quality but documentation nonetheless; this is because it was one of my first attempts at documentation, and that too without any specialised equipment.