I write about Odisha : dying art forms, facets of culture, Odissi music and integrating technology in these spheres. My book ‘Odissi Sangita Baridhi’ (co-authored with Guru Ramarao Patro) documenting rare Odissi compositions collected by the 20th-century maestro Acharya Tarini Charan Patra (140 compositions and 60 ragas in all) has been published in May 2023.

Odissi Sangita Baridhi book cover
19th-century chitrapothi of Jagannatha triad by Sri Raghunātha Prusṭi, Dharākoṭa, Odisha

Adhara Pana

On the Adhara Pana ritual on the penultimate day of Ratha Jatra.

Simhachalam And Its Odia Connection

The great shrine of Simhachalam has been home to many kings and dynasties— few know that the early history of this temple is intimately associated with the Eastern Ganga dynasty. 

Seven makers of the Ratha

Traditional craftsmen preserve the intricate ancient art of making rathas. Who are they and how do they work separately yet together to build these engineering & aesthetic marvels?

Ancient poetesses of Odisha

The ancient poetesses of Odisha— from queens to dombis— wonderful women who talk about everything from philosophy, devotion, culture to romance, warfare, society.

The Kaibartas of Odisha

The fisherfolk of Odisha and why they dance wearing horse-costumes in their ritual annual festival.

Where mother is son

On the night of Janmastami, Jagannatha is the mother and Jagannatha is the son. This is a deeper look at this curious ritual.

Sacred Squabble

Jagannatha might be the ideal deity for millions of his devotees around the globe, but his one wife is not too impressed. The divine husband and wife have a heated argument after the Ratha Jatra.

Journey Toward Lord

A concise introduction to what the world famous Ratha Jatra of the Jagannatha Temple is all about.

In The Absence Of Jagannatha

What happens in the empty chambers of the Jagannatha temple when the deities are away for the Ratha Jatra? An ancient legend explores this question.

The extended family Of Jagannatha

Jagannatha has a brother, a sister, two wives, an uncle and an aunt; but no father or mother. All about the Odia gods and their elaborate families in local belief.

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