Talks and presentations.

Talk in the Odisha State Archives, special event on the occasion of Niladri Bije. Organised by the Department of Culture, Govt of Odisha. I illustrated and spoke on Lakhmi Narayana Bachanika (ଲକ୍ଷ୍ମୀନାରାୟଣ ବଚନିକା), the squabble between Lakshmi and Jagannatha when the latter forgets to take her along during the Ratha Jatra. Honoured to have shared the dais with eminent scholars Sri Asit Mohanty, Sri Krupasindhu Mishra, Sri Bhaskar Mishra— as well as Sri Manoranjan Panigrahi & Smt Sanghamitra Satpathy.

Session in Mystic Kalinga 2019 about the unique Bhakti tradition of Odisha covering Jagannatha, Krishna and much more. Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik explains concepts using metaphors and I respond through traditional Odissi music.

UNESCO predicted that almost half of the 7000 living languages might die in a century’s time considering the rate they are going out of use. Many endangered and/or indigenous languages around us might be a victim of this phenomenon if we do not start documenting them in digital mediums. This presentation by Subhashish Panigrahi and Prateek Pattanaik of O Foundation (OFDN) will elaborate on the experience of collaboration with regional stakeholders, and documenting community stories in some of the most challenging regions in India and Nepal for four OpenSpeaks documentaries in four indigenous languages of the region.

Many of our languages might die tomorrow with the elders if we don’t digitally-document them today. We, at OpenSpeaks, are growing Open Educational Resources, Open Source Software, Open Data and Methodologies to help native speakers document their own languages. This talk details about building curriculum for archivists, and was selected for Mozilla Festival (MozFest).

Kathabhidhana’s creators Subhashish Panigrahi and Prateek Pattanaik, presented about the project at the Celtic Knot Conference 2017 at University of Edinburgh, UK. Kathabhidhana is an open toolkit that helps record a large number of words in any language.