I write about
dying art forms
facets of culture
styles of music and
language in technology.

The Extended Family Of Jagannatha

Jagannatha has a brother, a sister, uncles and aunts; but who are his parents? Read my write-up in OTV on him, his extended family and the behavioural quirks of the Odia divinities. Read

How we documented the dying Prahallada Nataka of Ganjama

How a crowdfunded project became the first-ever complete documentation of a critically endangered performing art of the Indian state of Odisha. Read



Found only within Ganjam, this 300-year old form of theatre, filled with hundreds of masterfully composed songs and stylistic dances is a spectacular performance to watch. Read

Fine Pigment Of A Sacred Depiction

On the full moon day of the month of Jyestha, something peculiar happens – a god falls ill. For the 15 days of his sickness, a painting substitutes him. Therein lies the origin of the ancient Pattachitra art of Odisha. My piece in Swarajya MagRead

Curing A God

Anasara, the period of Jagannatha's sickness has remained shrouded in mystery since eternity. My piece about what we know and what we don't in OTV. Read

Comic : The Odia Rasagola

I made a comic on the Odia Rasagola for fun. Read