Where the garland fell

Nemala, Kendrapada Achyutananda, one of the Pancha-Sakha (the five great saints in 15th century Odisha) wanted to establish an ashrama. Hence, it was decided that Achyuta would be given an agyāñ-māla of Jagannath as per the ancient tradition. Where the garland fell would be the chosen spot. And so, Achyuta was given a lotus garland of Jagannatha. He took […]


Champu or Champu-Kavya (ଚମ୍ପୂ) is a genre in Indian Literature originated from Sanskrit. It consists of a mixture of prose (Gadya-Kavya ଗଦ୍ୟକାବ୍ୟ) and poetry passages (Padya-Kavya ପଦ୍ୟକାବ୍ୟ) with verses interspersed among prose sections. In simple words, a typical and unusual form of words, which is partly prosaic and partly poetic is known as Champu. In the Odia Champu composition, a […]